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Redecorating A Room: Preparing and Implementing

Every now and then, a change is needed. What better way to achieve this than by redecorating a room in your home or office space? Whether you have done this before or not, there are various things to consider before taking on the exciting task.

First Things First…

Before you have chosen materials, wall paint colour or even shopped around for inspiration, it is vitally important to allocate a budget. Deciding a budget beforehand allows you to understand exactly what you can afford to spend so as to prevent spending more later on.

The next thing to decide on is what exactly needs to be replaced. These items are usually furniture and accessories such as lamps, carpets, blinds, curtains, paintings, clocks etc. Perhaps some of these items will be retained, either way the decision needs to be made early on so that budget may be allocated for it.

Optimise Your Space

It is important to decide where in the room you would like to place furniture. Making use of the space available in the best way possible allows you to enjoy more space and better balance the room.


When redecorating a room, it’s always a good idea to refresh flooring. Whether this means changing the material on the floor, or laying down a loose rug of sorts, flooring has the potential to create warmth and character within a space.

Co- ordination

With any decoration project, co- ordination is key. Fabrics, curtains, settees, chairs and cushions need to all be carefully chosen in order to create a flow of colour, texture and even shape.

Whilst redecorating a room, often people opt for a complete change of wall colour. If the room needs to be repainted or it requires new wallpaper it is important that the colour enhances the new interior and the newly chosen pieces that will go inside the room.

Lamps, pictures and other ornaments should be chosen to best suit the functionality of a space. They should always be items that you enjoy looking at and need to compliment other base items such a carpets and furniture.

For more information on redecorating a room or if you require the services of an interior designer, contact Phil O’ Mahony.

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