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Exclusive Fabrics

Selecting an exclusive fabric for use on upholstered items such as settees, chairs, ottomans, foot stools and cushions makes all the difference in the design of an interior setting. It also gives a refreshing take on the mass-produced furniture available in most stores today.

Phil O’Mahony offers a unique interior design service which incorporates the use of exclusive fabrics for both home and office. These fabrics offer a variety of designs, colours and textures, the end result of which speaks for itself – extraordinary! Most of our pieces may be viewed on our website. However, our store has been decorated in such a way that when visiting us clients get an immediate feel of how their particular interior will ultimately look.

Exclusive Furniture Design

Our wide range of finely crafted imported Fine English furniture offers both classical and contemporary designs that are carefully selected to complement the design of an interior. Our highly skilled craftsmen offer extensive experience in the art of exclusive furniture design and manufacture- where attention to detail is of utmost importance. Selection of suitable pieces for a specific interior, together with Phil O’Mahony’s extensive experience in the field of interior design, guarantees a look that is both exquisite and unique.

Our furniture, which is available in a variety of quality woods, i.e. mahogany, yew and walnut, has an underlying modern English flair, which speaks for itself regarding superior craftsmanship.

We have a beautiful selection of designs on offer, i.e.:

  • Settees
  • Chairs (for home and office)
  • Ottomans and foot stools
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining tables
  • Lamp and side tables
  • Bedside cabinets
  • Display cabinets
  • Corner cabinets
  • Desks
  • Book cases

When consulting with Phil O’Mahony client satisfaction is always of utmost importance – so whether you are busy sourcing furniture and fabrics for your home or office, Phil O’Mahony’s interior design expertise will ensure that your vision, and more, is met.